Cryptocurrency and Tax Problems

Cryptocurrencies have been in the news recently because tax authorities believe they can be used to launder money and evade taxes. The Supreme Court appointed a Special Investigation Committee on Black Money and recommended that trade in such currency be suspended. Although China has reportedly banned some of the largest Bitcoin trading operators, countries such […]

Technical Analysis Understand Futures Trading

Some people may wonder technical analysis futures trading is the same regardless of the market in which you trade. At first, the answer may seem so. After all, most technical analysis is based on information obtained from a contract. However, there are at least a few differences between the technical analysis of the futures market […]

How are Emerging Technologies Building the Future of the Global Economy?

The world is at the beginning of the digital revolution, and innovations are disrupting our ability to do everything from using tools and devices to financial transactions. New Active Classes The digital economy is growing rapidly around the world. The existing digital economy is characterized by the creation of new asset classes and the digitization […]

The Last Headline in the Daily Letter – "What is the saving point?"

As the Daily Mail headline shouted – “What does it mean to save” – ​​let’s take a closer look at what the noise is all about in recent documents and what can be done to create a fairer and more useful playground for thrifts. . Consider that I’m not a skilled investor, but I have […]