Gold – Invest in Pirate Treasure

If you were something like my father, you would never put your money in something you could not hold and see. Therefore, investing in a stock or bond was out of the question!

Fortunately, there are still investments in tangible assets that can provide a good income; one of them is gold.

Gold has been used as a form of money in one way or another since at least 2560. Gold has also been the dream center of pirates, peasants, explorers (including Columbus), miners and everyone for centuries.

The usual criterion for the price of gold is called London Gold Fixing, where representatives of five bullion trading companies meet twice a day (by phone). In addition, there is active gold trading based on the intraday spot price, which is obtained from the world’s gold trading markets when it opens and closes during the day.

What is the chance that gold will never depreciate? Probably not. However, what is the chance that a company and therefore the piece of paper you are investing in will go bankrupt? Good always happens.

Therefore, it would be wise to look at gold as an alternative investment to diversify your portfolio. Of course, you can invest in gold reserves. But wouldn’t it be more fun to have a physical piece of gold? Absolutely!

In addition, if you start investing in collectible gold coins or other gold collections, the value is only greater than the value of the gold. Rare or other precious gold coins are generally sold at a price higher than the face value. Value becomes a desirable and unique function.

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