Gold Bullion: 11 Stupid Sustainable Strategic Investment Reasons

Clearly, you can ask why gold is so important and valuable, and what all this fuss is really about. The brain behind what I’m writing is that I don’t want you to be unaware of your financial / investment / retirement future and planning. You should not continue to separate in the dark on issues related to gold and precious metals, so I offer the unmistakable reasons for gold to be part of your investment combination.

1. Asset diversification. When thinking about investment tools, it is often an old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Even if some critics tell you to put all your eggs in a basket and look at it, good luck to them. Reasonable and savvy investors must ensure that at least 5 percent of their investment portfolio consists of gold and precious metals.

2. Sustainable availability of gold. The truth is that the golden-leafed man is old, and as long as the world lasts, gold will last forever. Gold is superior to other property, products, or investments (buildings, vehicles, stocks, bonds, etc.) because the value of these properties can wear out over time and with the dominant economic phenomenon. Take, for example, the 2008 global stock market saga; you need maintenance costs to keep them in good condition.

Gold, on the other hand, does not corrode or oxidize, regardless of the number of years we consider it.

3. Gold shortage. Gold supply is limited. Statistics estimate that the annual global production of gold is about 2,500 tons, and the value of gold worldwide is $ 9 trillion. It is better to buy gold now than to regret it in the years to come.

4. Status symbol. Without further ado, gold is extremely attractive and has a strong impact on human nature / race. In fact, China and India are well known for their high value for gold as a storehouse of wealth, so their wealth is expressed in the quantity and quality of the gold you have.

Human nature has a desire to belong to the highest investors / social / political class, so the value of the gold you own in some societies will dictate that you belong to this elite class.

5. Risks of the party. The gold side is completely excluded from the side risk. This period means that you believe in the ability of the other party to perform the contract / agreement in a timely manner. Examples of stock acquisitions, employers, and employees will explain better.

You buy shares in the capital market in anticipation of dividends, price increases and the next year. The stock market is likely to collapse before your target date or a job at the employer, and when you retire, the employer is expected to give you gifts and scholarships, but the employer can start before you retire. All these scenarios can not happen to gold, because the material is in your hands, and you can very easily turn your money into money to make it better.

6. Substitute insurance policy. The purpose of the insurance policy is to bring you into full financial condition before the loss. Gold can play the same role, if the same. Africa – During the national crises (wars) in Liberia and Rwanda, 1 kg of gold can bring a person back to a comfortable life.

7. Bull market (gold). When you read any instruction or recommendation regarding a product or security, the waiver is generally the beginning of it, and the conclusion is that “past performance is not a guarantee of future outcome.” Therefore, gold has been freed from this mold, and since the beginning of the new millennium; The gold pair has been bull-run with digital gain.

8. Anti-deflation anchor. Of course, it is an open secret that the economic downturn is now a global phenomenon, and that the growing debts of nations (such as the United States and the United Kingdom) could result in deflation with potentially catastrophic economic effects. The result is that the value of the assets will depreciate, but gold will be more resilient and better able to hold its value despite economic hardship.

9. Geopolitical risks. Wars, terrorism (US – unforgettable 911), natural disasters and other allied threats have characterized the global community today. For example, security and individual survival during a war are of greatest concern, and there will undoubtedly be economic paralysis and recession. Fixed assets; will be useless in terms of value of real estate, financial instruments, other property and cash currency. In such a period, gold gives comfort and its value remains stable.

10. Value warehouse. Historically, gold has been around for thousands of years with traces of reserves as the best storehouse of value. Regardless of economic and global conditions (technological changes, trends, developments, etc.), gold was characterized by acceptability and stability of value. For this reason, gold is the best bet for the security of your investment, your pension and the transmission of your assets to the next generation.

11. Gold is a supporter of money. History tells us that the first gold coins were issued and put into circulation by 550BC; Gold has been the longest and most durable form of money. In particular, gold will remain a form of money support until sunrise tomorrow.

Considering these green lights, sewing saves nine over time. Please click the link below to get started on your gold investment or 401K.

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